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At the beginning of the pandemic, I began to worry more and more about my family's health. I decided to build a beautiful garden, which, to this day, provides my family with 20 types of fresh, organic vegetables. Having done so, I realized that it is just as essential to put healthy, organic products on your body as it is to put them into your body. The pandemic also proved to the world that having proper hygiene is essential to our body's general health. It is with this that I found my hobby and passion: soap-making. That is how HOLISTIKA LABS was born. 

I started selling soaps via my social media and would deliver them personally to my customers in Aruba. Due to the enormous success, I opened my first store RAW SOAP by Holistika Labs, in Palm Beach in the high-rise hotel area to offer our handmade soaps to our island's visitors.

As the variety of handmade products kept expanding, we noticed how big the demand was in Aruba for health, wellness, organic, natural, and sustainable products. With that in mind, we opened our second brick and mortar store in Palm Beach, RAW MODERN APOTHECARY by Holistika Labs. This second location is easily accessible to all locals and tourists alike, offering our own handmade products and carefully curated Green Beauty, Inspiring Health, and Eco-Lifestyle products.

We only carry brands that utilize sustainable ingredients that are easy on the planet, only tested on humans, free of animals, and are fair/direct trade responsible.

This is our lifestyle! Beauty begins on the inside and reflects on the outside.

Let us inspire you with plant-based beauty inside out!

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Handmade In Aruba

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